Upcoming Volunteer Training

  • Date: Saturday, January 6, 2018
  • Time: 9am-1pm
  • Location: Twin Cities (check back for location)
  • Cost: Free

This training is primarily for new letter writers who, once trained, write a weekly letter to a person (usually male) detained by ICE in a Minnesota county jail, until the time the person is released or deported. You might be writing weekly to the same individual for as short as one-two months or as long as six-eight months. We are in need of both English and Spanish letter writers since more than half of those with whom we visit and write are originally from Mexico or Central America.

Secondarily, the training is for new visitors. We are in conversation with other Minnesota county jails and hope to begin a visit program with at least one of them in early 2018. That will increase our need for new visitors. Until that time, we are especially in need of Spanish speakers interested in visiting in Albert Lea. Our visitors typically visit once per month or once every other month, but at a minimum once per quarter.

After attending training there is no obligation, simply an invitation.

Register by emailing Steve Kraemer at There is no cost to attend.

Our training includes the following:

– Anonymous profiles and stories of a few people with whom we have had the honor of visiting and writing

– Presentation by Michele Garnett McKenzie, Deputy Director of The Advocates for Human Rights, covering the immigration issues of particular interest to CWF letter writers, visitors and Safe Release volunteers

– Multiple opportunities to participate in “active listening” sessions, led by Hospital Chaplain Paula Bidle of Abbott Northwestern, where we will respond to challenging questions/themes relating to people in ICE detention

– Presentation by Steve Kraemer on CWF and our letter-writing, visit and Safe Release programs

Everyone attending the training will be trained to write letters and to visit so that when a visit opportunity arises closer to the Twin Cities, folks can choose to participate if they would like. After attending training there is no obligation, simply an invitation.